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ArenaNet Shows You What You Might Have Missed in 2013

By CameronW08-01-2014

ArenaNet has been mighty busy in the past year or so delivering oodles and oodles of story content patches for Guild Wars 2. With the amount of content that they're putting out every couple months, it's entirely reasonable to have not been able to keep up with what's happened in the world of Tyria since the game launched back in late 2012. To try to get people up to speed ArenaNet has whipped up a little story recap trailer that offers a quick update to someone who might be wondering what the heck is going on.

I've been back and forth on Guild Wars 2 since it came out, and it seemed like every time I showed up to play some more somebody'd gone and blown something up that I used to use, or there was some new breed of bad guy messing things up all over the place. So it's nice to be able to see what happened with the story, without having to piece it all together from watching the release trailers and asking your friends who still have the time to play.

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