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April 1st With Human Defiance

By Leigh Cobb02-04-2013

In a day where lots of news wasn't news and lots April Fool's jokes were played, Deus Ex: Human Defiance, was one of the better ploys. Featuring retro 8-bit graphics, a plea for $250,000 and a tongue in cheek video, Human Defiance is Adam Jensen in 2D.

There's actually a fair bit of effort gone into this joke, with trademarks registered and rumours of an incoming Deus Ex sequel. The site itself shows off the video and some screenshots of the, sadly not real game. There's also some choice quotes in there, "We couldn't convince our producers. Our marketing gurus say this will never sell. Our publishers refuse to give us the green light... But we're pretty sure we know what YOU want!" and "You asked for it! And we listened. Deus Ex: Human Defiance is Deus Ex perfected, with polished graphics, improved AI and non-lethal boss fights. We even whisk you away to two new city hubs - Montreal and Moscow."

Is it wrong that I do rather like the look of this now? In any case there isn't much else to say, happy April Fools.

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Snakes on a Plane started as an internet joke

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I wouldn't be surprised if it would be quite popular if it was to happen. But considering that they did register the domain maybe it will really happen?

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Hell, I'd buy it. :P