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Appreciate the Local Wildlife with The Forest's New Trailer

By CameronW12-11-2013

A few months back a trailer for a first person survival horror game by the name of The Forest came out of left field and got a whole lot of people talking, myself included. It seems to be a little bit Minecraft with its survival tactics, and a little bit Penumbra with its frantic flailing of melee weapons at terrifying things that jump out of the dark. This latest trailer shows the protagonist getting friendly with the local wildlife, and not so friendly with the natives.

The footage is from the alpha test, but The Forest is already packing on the tense atmosphere. The Forest comes during a surge of indie games that are vaguely inspired by the rising interest in games where survival is the main aspect thanks to the popularity of indie titles like DayZ, though most seem to be going for the PvP (Player vs Player) crowd. Give me open world organic survival gameplay, scary monsters, and an Oculus rift and you've got something that will keep me coming back with a spare pair of pants on hand.

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Posts: 1548

Yeah it looks very good but for some reason I'm thinking that it might end up like Day One: Garry's incident.

Posts: 3290

Yeah, tell me about it! The arm is a bit iffy, but the vegetation and lighting are mind blowing

Posts: 223

If this game does get released and looks even half as good as the video (gameplay and visuals alike) then colour me sold. It looks quite interesting and downright stunning