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Apocalyptic Working Conditions - A Response

By Bobfish17-05-2013

4A have issued a response to Jason Rubin's controversial comments regarding their working conditions during the production of Metro: Last Light. Despite what can only be described as a petty shitstorm on Twitter, between Rubin and Deep Silver's Aubrey Norris, his initial article and following comments were quite positive on the whole. They were also uncomfortably accurate, something which, to the surprise of some, Andrew Prokhorov, Creative Director at 4A, has confirmed in his own words.

“It is a fact that our work conditions are worse than those of other developers outside Ukraine. I don’t think anyone can doubt that – yes, it’s true that American and most of European developers operate in a country far more comfortable than Ukraine. And yes, the publishers pay them more. This is clear: the more ‘reasonable’ the country the less the risks. And we don’t want to be all dramatic about that – after all, better conditions are earned, and we strive to do this as soon as possible.”

The thing to take away from all this, the most important factor, is that whilst 4A may be subject to far more punishing working conditions than we, in the pampered West, would ever consider acceptable. It is not true to say that they are mistreated. They are pushed hard, they work hard, they achieve a great deal and are well rewarded for their efforts. And boy oh boy do they deliver!

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Too bad we didn't know this already, or we'd have to give them a 7/5. :P