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Antoine...Remember Me

By Kelevandos03-06-2013

After providing us with the interactive journal of Antoine Carter-Wells, Capcom continues the promotional campaign of their game Remember Me with a live action trailer. Narrated by Antoine himself, it explains his motives and dreams, very sad ones at that. Also, some of the scenes show Nilin being taken to Bastille, from where she escapes during the beginning of the game.

I must admit, Remember Me has my full attention, mainly because I cannot pass on a title that deep. Or at least one which seems deep, as it will be a few more days before we can actually immerse in the gloomy streets of Neo-Paris and learn the truth about Memorize ourselves.

Also, the interactive journal we mentioned before features the Emotiv EPOC device, the very same one which the developers of Son of Nor decided to introduce into the game recently. Coincidence?

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