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Another Look At Eorzea

By Kelevandos05-07-2013

With the release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn drawing near, Square teases the FF fans once more with a Tour of Eorzea video. In this 3rd part of the sightseeing gameplay series we get to watch places old and new, with some fighting scenes taking place as well. There is not much to add to what was already said before, but one thing is undoubtedly worth a mention – the music! If you have played some of the Final Fantasies before, you surely love the tracks created mainly by Nobuo Uematsu and guess what – FF XIV: RR has them as well! Turn the trailer on, sit down comfortably and soon you will start recognizing the familiar tones. If you think you could buy a game based only on the soundtrack, well, here is a good candidate!

Also, make sure to register for the open beta (PC or PS3)! With over a million participants already, the servers are sure to be alive and kicking, and the next beta weekend is just around the corner, starting later today!

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Though I see your point

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The game is great, a true FF with Moogles, Chocobos, jobs and crystals, but gently put into the MMO frame, this time well put :-) I am amazed by the cross-platform potential of it - players from PC and PS3 play together and you can freely use the same character(s) on both. Surprisingly enough, I find the PS3 version better, despite the inferior graphics. It has this "spirit" of Final Fantasy XII, together with a brilliant pad control system :-D

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Soooooooooooooooo...how is it? :D