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Another Leap of Faith

By StuntmanLT08-05-2015

In a surprising turn of events (not really) a new Assassin’s Creed game got announced. Well, not exactly announced, but teased. An announcement teaser for a reveal. With what little was shown, judging by the gloves and the cane, it seems the new game will be set in Victorian England. It probably would be safe to predict – London. Climbing Big Ben anyone?

Now if you ask me, I always loved AC series. The games were mostly fun and I am one of the three people who actually enjoyed the current day storyline as well. But the franchise fatigue is seriously setting in. Even I couldn’t be bothered to play last few entries. Especially Unity. And speaking about Unity, Ubi would be hard pressed to do worse so I think it’s a safe bet that the new AC game will be better. Let’s hope it will be better. Ubi, I hope you learned your lesson, AC games have no place on Early Access, especially if you pretend it’s the full release.

We will update you on the 12th of May when the proper reveal happens so stay tuned.

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Wasn't footage of the next one leaked a while back. You see the new lead character swinging with a grappling hook inside what looked to be a train station or something?

I've still yet to finish Black Flag. The ship combat is something I quite honestly hate and as the lead guy is a pirate and the captain of a ship, I'm finding it hard to actually give the game any sort of time.

As for Unity..... I had it on PS4 and sold that shit. Graphically it was reallllly pleasing to the eye, but aside from that, meh.