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Another Journey For Juarez

By Kelevandos21-05-2013

Here it is! The 4th, after very successful Call of Juarez and CoJ: Bound In Blood, as well as the not-so-successful CoJ: The Cartel, installment of the epic Wild West saga is here! And in it – more shooting, more epic story, more awesome graphics and some never-before-seen elements!

In Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, we will follow the story of Silas Greaves. The player is promised to encounter numerous Wild-Western infames, like Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy or Jessie James and the whole tale will be, literally, told to you by the protagonist, sometimes even changing on the run if he remembers things being a bit different! How cool is that!

Gunslinger will feature three game modes – Story, Arcade and Duels. The first will feature a True West difficulty setting, requiring the player to master the art of shooting the bad guys right into face in order to progress in the story. Arcade stripes the gameplay of character customization and plot, throwing us right into the fray and rewarding bonus points for special feats, the likes of long shots or barrel kills. The whole thing is wave-based, making it even more appealing! And in the Third mode, Duels, the player will end up on the town square at high noon, facing some of the most notorious characters of the Wild West. The duels will be scored and the players will get to compare each other via the leaderboard. Neat!

Other features include a multi-branched character development system, allowing us to develop the weapons we find most fun. As for the guns themselves, Silas will be able to use the series' classic - dual-pistols, a rifle and a shotgun (even dual shotguns! Hombre!). There is no word about sniper rifles, but it seems that the dynamite will be there! Happy wreaking havoc!

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger will be available on Steam tomorrow, priced at 14,99 €. This is less than Age of Empires II HD, so grab your wallets and see you at the high noon's shootout!

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Posts: 207

Never played a CoJ title....anyone think that this would be one to start with?

Posts: 127

Multi was one of the better aspects of BIB (Hombre!) but come on, the main point of playing CoJ games is the wild-western plot! The industry lacks such games, which makes Techland's series quite unique :-)

Posts: 351

Man i dont know it looks okay but not for me i guess.

Posts: 4

No multiplayer... kinda killed it for me.