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Another Developer Diary for Leviathan Warships

By Mokman08-04-2013

Remember the upcoming awesome-looking ship-building game from the crazy geniuses at Paradox Interactive? No? Well, its name is Leviathan: Warships, and a recent developer diary that was released on the forums may just pique your interests. This one, the fourth in the series, focuses on the different armaments you can choose while building your ships, detailing each type and how they affect gameplay.

Apparently each type of armament has two factors affecting its placement, the size and the type of battery it requires, thus marking the distinction between Offensive or Defensive batteries, or how much space it takes in the composition of your ship. A large variety of weapons exist, too many to list here, but a quick countdown of them include all the favourites and a few new types that I've never seen before: everything ranging from autocannons and railguns, to artillery, monster munchers and radars. The Monster Muncher particularly is of special interest to me, its description stating:

"When you use a Monster Muncher you launch a device that attracts a giant sea serpent that does area damage and slows ships. It is quite dangerous and is to be avoided at all costs. It works more like a defensive armament and can be highly useful blocking of small passages when chased."

I know what my main batteries are gonna consist of when this game finally comes out. Check out the whole diary here.

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