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Another Dark Souls II Story? Oh Noes!!111

By Kathy_McGraw17-03-2014

We've been covering Dark Souls II a lot on Pixel Judge lately. We discussed the PC release date and we've covered the trailers here and here.

Well, here's some more Dark Souls II news: during a March 11 interview with GamersHubTV, producer Takeshi Miyazoe answered some questions from Dark Souls fans. Asked about the delay between the game's launch on the consoles and the PC launch, Miyazoe explained that he and his team wanted to deliver a quality Dark Souls II experience for PC gamers, equal to that of console gamers. He said that unlike the original game, the team had the PC version in mind from the very beginning.

While I think that it's all well and good that the developers are taking the time to deliver a good product for the PC market, I'm getting a little tired of games getting released to console first. And usually, when a game finally comes to the PC, it's a poor console port. The graphics aren't PC quality and the user interface is very obviously consolized (Bethesda, I'm looking at you.) I know that this doesn't always happen, but it happens often enough to make me wary.

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