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Another Dark Fantasy Epic

By Fr33Lanc3r.00701-03-2013

Bound by Flame, a new game currently being developed by Spiders Studios and published by Focus Home Interactive - both of 'Of Orcs and Men' fame - has been announced with a single screenshot. In the announcement, it is revealed that Bound By Flame is an action/RPG set in a dark fantasy world - because we clearly don't have enough of that already - with the main moral crux being how much of the character's soul you sell to the fire demon that's taken residence, which is reflected on the character's body, and in the story which unfolds before you.

Boasting other features such as a crafting system, character customisation, combat and magic systems with skill trees, a party you can develop friendships and romances with, and an incredibly large bestiary, Bound by Flame looks to be taking its cues from The Witcher and Dragon Age. Time will tell how it measures up.

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