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Anomalous Kickstarters

By Bobfish05-11-2014

Yes, yes, we know, yet another Kickstarter. How original right? Why should we pay any more attention to this one than the twenty bajillion others? Well, since you asked...what do you mean you didn't? Shut up, we're going to tell you anyway. Now hush. Okay, that's better. So, Anomaly 1729 and why you should care. Go!

"Imagine life trapped inside a Rubik's Cube-like world."

What, that isn't enough? 'Cause it ruddy well should be. But since y'all are clearly so hard to please, as proven by the fact this news post is essentially me arguing with myself (I work too hard playing games all day, oh woe is me!) let's add in the fact that it looks...fascinating. There really is no better word to describe it. It may not have the visual panache of, say, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (new graphical benchmark, I'm telling you), despite being in Unreal 4. But it has a mesmerising visual aesthetic which...actually puts me very much in mind of Tron. Whilst the demonstrated environmental manipulation is genuinely intriguing, offering a great deal more freedom than many such games would usually allow.

On top of that, Anvil Deep are asking for a grand total of $79,000, which is absolutely the weirdest Kickstarter goal I have ever come across. I mean, why not go the whole hog and add on the extra 1k? It's just...weird. And I like weird things. 'Cause I'm just weird like that. And hey, there's already a Steam Greenlight page for you to peruse. So, at the very least, give them a plus one on there aye?

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