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Anno 2205, Tundra and SPACE expansions

By McKaby16-10-2015

Ubisoft Blue Byte Mainz has released some info on a couple of expansions that we will see upcoming to the game, these will be included in the season pass, so if you pre-ordered at Gold level, then you get these as part of that price.

Tundra gives you the sector Vanha Plains, roam marshes, cross fjords or observe something called "muskoxen" which I hope tastes better than it sounds, and don't worry about getting a stone in those custom leather shoes, you will have some new high-tech aircraft to fly around in.

Vanha Plains is the most challenging sector so far, such as the mystery of some abandoned ECO sanctuaries, or help Esther Nylund to stop a deadly fever, and maybe use parts of that virus to improve technology elsewhere, and as with the initial 3 zones your production chains can supply anywhere your corporation is.

A few highlights; big continental sector, diverse environment, new command aircraft, adds story quests and new features, new building types and production chains.

SPACE, or more technically, Orbital expansion, where you can build your very own space station, just remember to not put the self destruct next to the light switch, recruit brave men and women to go into orbit and settle them there, build up your station with research modules and more you get done here, more your scientists can boost research efforts throughout your corporation.

As with all others, this space station can be linked up to your global supply chain and get supplies and send down research, just remember, not everyone can have pizza delivered to the space station every day.

Anno 2205 is set to release on 3rd November on Uplay and Steam, both have standard for £49.99 and Gold which comes with the season pass for £59.99.

If you want a physical copy, Ubisoft has the collectors edition that comes in a tin and has a full map on the moon, along with physical art book and a CD with the soundtrack on at £59.99


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