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Anno 2205 To Infinity And Beyond, If Ubisoft Doesn’t Mess It Up

By Bunnysuit10-08-2015

Anno 2205 will be the latest addition for the Anno series. To those who are unfamiliar with the game, Anno is a city builder, similar to the Simcity series and Cities Skylines. Anno not only has you building and maintaining a single city, but expanding and having multiple colonies. Sounds really exciting, right? Unfortunately the previous release, Anno 2070 had a less than satisfactory feedback with issues related to Ubisoft’s platform Uplay, and the constant need to be online in order to run. Despite the problems involving the publisher, the game itself is highly praised as a very satisfying colony simulator experience.

Build a futuristic city where you not only build colonies in arctic regions, but also the moon. The landscapes are nothing less than gorgeous. Preorders for the game are already available in the Ubisoft shop.

Unfortunately beta access to Anno 2205 has been cancelled and won’t be available to gamers until it’s release on November 3rd.


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