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Anno 2070 - Dominate the Future

By Bis18marck7003-10-2012

Anno 2070 will feature a new domination mode from the 4th of October onwards. It will become automatically available for all those that own the game and feature a new game mode that allows the player to team-up with friends to beat another group of players over an archipelago of islands.

Matches can run up to 40 days with each team having the possibility to play during a certain amount of hours each day including those unused the day before. As the mode runs asynchronously, being on the other side of the planet won’t hinder you to clash with the opposing team. Players can work of different missions, continue playing where their teammates logged out and play at the same time just like a normal coop.

You win control over certain islands and missions by ‘dominating’ the other team i.e. beating their score. Once you have done so, the other team has the possibility to stage a comeback and wrestle away control out of your hands. So scoring well will mean that the opposing team needs to invest more time and energy into dominating you.

The game mode certainly gives dedicated players a fresh challenge. That being said, we can’t really see this work with a bunch of random teammates, certainly if its runs over more than a month’s time.

If you are interested and want to see some scheming Germans at work, here’s the announcement ‘trailer’.

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