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Annihilation, Planetary Style

By Leigh Cobb20-04-2013

Check out this recent video update for Planetary Annihilation, showing off some very early first in engine footage. Whilst at this stage it's rough around the edges, there is a good display of base building and unit construction, as well as some useful titbits of info from the two developers presenting the video.

Planetary Annihilation is under development by Uber Entertainment, a studio made up of a lot of the talent behind Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation, they are also responsible for the Super Monday Night Combat series. Planetary Annihilation is looking to be a great new RTS title, especially thanks to the help it received through Kickstarter funds.

One aspect which intrigues me the most is the planet based map system, which would allow players to fight across entire worlds and star systems. It looks to be just as grand as the extremely grand Supreme Commander series.

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Posts: 1317

Didn't back this on Kickstarter, but I'm really starting to dig what I'm seeing. Might have to pick it up when it hits (digital) shelves.

Posts: 3290

I see what you did there ¬_¬


Posts: 1548

Cant wait. Backed it but didnt have enough or Alpha access. Hope I can convince them that giving access to PJ is a good idea :P