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Angry Farmer Brings True Competition Back To Social Gaming

By Fr33Lanc3r.00724-05-2013

Angry Farmer is an upcoming social game by Latvian developer Mad Sword that aims to put the PvP back into it's genre - in the most fun way it can. Angry Farmer tells the story of a farming community with members who are completely fed up with each other, and are deciding to take each other out the only way they know - with weeds, fire and rotten vegetables - while ensuring that they get rich. In game, this translates to 'two players compete with each other for safekeeping of their crops and land. The farmer who manages to destroy the opponent's field before losing his own is the winner.'

It's a competitive ladder game, where you strive to outwit your friends as often as you can in the wonderfully humorous setting in order to improve your abilities, and the aesthetics of your property (after all, rubbing your victories in your neighbour's face is half the fun). And the game is filled with an amazingly unique sense of humor - vegetables with meme faces, humorous achievements, taunting dialogue, the works.

While it's close to completion - there's a mostly playable Alpha build available to try out - Mad Sword is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $12,000 they need to keep working on it full time - so they can give us real-time ladders, proper object animations, fix up the achievement system, stuff like that. There's a range of goodies on offer for backers, so if any of this has managed to pique your interest, give it a look.

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