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And So It Begins (Updated)

By BloodyFanGirl03-09-2013

Update: As you can see, the video has now been removed, so please enjoy our description of it below.

AGB Leaks are back with another Evil Within leak and this time we get nearly 5 juicy minutes of the prologue. Wrap your eye balls around the embedded video above.

The video shows the player character, whom we've seen in previous screenshots and leaks before, in a police car with a mysterious woman who we have not seen before. He's questioning presumably another police officer over the radio, trying to get a grip on the situation, as the woman sits silently in the back seat. The two step out of the car and the camera pulls back to show a gate and a house we've also seen before.

Everyone steps out of the car and we learn from the following exchange that the woman appears to be called Kim. The player character, another man called Joseph and Kim enter through the gates. Another character, Oscar, waits in the car in front of the gates. The section after the characters enter through the gates appears to be playable. This is where things get creepy. Empty police cars litter the area and Joseph observes how there aren't any weapons to be found either. However he does find shell casings and blood. And then the player character looks inside the house. Joseph goes on ahead, gun drawn. Kim is told to watch the door. Inside the house it looks like there are bodies strewn about. Joseph hears something.

The pair manages to find a survivor who appears to pass away soon afterwards. This is when we see a scene from the first leak we reported on, with the player character watching through a security camera feed as bunch of officers are dispatched by a shadowy entity. Not much has changed from the first leak but now we see in full how the officers meet their sticky end. The thing that killed the officers then comes after you. The screen fades to white, then black and the classical refrain heard in previous trailers is heard. The player character wakes up to find themself upside down and in a very sticky situation. Then the leak video ends.

Watch this space for more info on The Evil Within as it is released (or leaked).

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Posts: 351

I do not want to see it anyway, I want to be surprised....

Posts: 1317

Ah! So that explains why it's a third person game with non-retarded animations.

Posts: 3290


In the "we're giving them money and putting our name on it" way I suspect

Posts: 1317

Wait, what? That's a bethesda-developed game?

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