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Ancient DLC, Falling to the Lords in March

By KenpoJuJitsu327-02-2015

Yo jurors! If you're a fan of Lords of the Fallen and wanted more to actually play as opposed to weapon packs and boost DLC we've got a bit of news for you. The first campaign DLC entitled Ancient Labyrinth is set to release on March 3 (March 4 for US players).

The basic premise is that there is a long­forgotten library that's been locked between the human and demon realms for an absurd amount of time and it's up to the player to explore it.

For those that don't know, Lords of the Fallen is essentially a prettier and somewhat more accessible take on the Dark Souls style of game. I suggest giving it a play if you're a fan of the Souls series, particularly if you have a strong enough rig to turn the bells and whistles on as it is an atmospheric looker of a game as well as being fun to play.

What say you jurors? Are you ready for more Lords of the Fallen? Or are you patiently waiting for Scholar of the First Sin to release? let us know in the comments.

For more news on this and other games, get a +10 to agility and dodge roll back to Pixel Judge. This news is adjourned.

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Posts: 3290

And the shield on your back still functions as a shield

Posts: 1317

Well this game is way more accessible than Dark Souls. It's not nearly as obtuse, nor as difficult. It's quite enjoyable to play. The sense of weight in the character's armor and weapons alone makes it worth checking out.

Posts: 3290

I...still haven't even played Dark Souls so...


Posts: 1317

I'll have to pick this game up at some point. Liked what I played of it, despite the slight performance hiccups and crashes. Hope that has been solved by now.