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An Unreal Birthday Celebration

By siegarettes28-11-2012

To mark the 13th birthday of the original Unreal Tournament, and the 5th birthday of UT3, the community is releasing the 5th community map pack for Unreal Tournament 3. It contains an additional character model, as well as multiple maps for deathmatch, capture the flag, and vehicle capture the flag. You can find screenshots of the maps, as well as downloads for them here.

While I personally found Unreal Tournament 3 to be a disappointing follow up to UT2004, the community for the Unreal games has always continued to impress me with their modding and map making efforts. If you've got some time and a hankering for some old school style twitch shooting, booting up UT3 and giving these maps a spin could be well worth your time.

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