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An Unknown Enemy and #XCOMYOLO

By Toast02-08-2013

Agent Carter is adopting a rather hands on approach to torture in one the latest trailers released by 2K. Literally beating and unknown enemy in the face while supposedly tied up? Pretty Unethical, don't you think? Well regardless whoever or whatever is getting beaten up, it's certainly getting the shit knocked out of it, not literally of course.

Oh, before I forget....do you like to be a bad battlefield commander? Well right below here is a trailer, or guide, on how to be a bad leader, in the role of Agent Carter. All you need to do is have some #yoloswag and send in your men with the sense and power of #yolo. Does that sound like an attractive feature? Well then you can now order a copy before release date of August 20th, and you can safely practice the art of #yolo-ing in the safety of your house!


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Indeed -.-

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Yeah, I'm never buying this.

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I hate that YOLO thing...