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An RPG About Playing A Tabletop RPG? Madness!

By Fr33Lanc3r.00707-06-2013

A Pre-order trailer for an upcoming game to be published by Paradox Interactive has surfaced. Entitled Knights of Pen and Paper, it seems to be competing for the most weird game premise ever attempted award - you are roleplaying a set of Tabletop Gamers (think D&D or GURPS) and their Dungeon Master, who are in turn roleplaying a diverse set of characters through an epic adventure.

If you're able to wrap your head around the whole idea of roleplaying a roleplayer, make sure you get a better look at it, and maybe even pre-order it, either from the previous link - or from Steam.

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Posts: 123

This looks really cute. I'll definitely check this out.

Posts: 207

It reminds me of a storyline from PvP that I'd wanted to link for the news but couldn't find :(

Posts: 3290

Reminds me of Once Upon a Table

Posts: 127

This game has been out for mobile devices for quite a long tie now and it is one of the best titles available there. Really complex, really funny and a really creative concept!