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An Open Letter From The War Z

By Merc29-12-2012

The War Z has certainly had its share of ups and downs, and to address all of these issues (most of them) executive director Sergey Titov has now issued an open letter to fans, and other people interested in The War Z in general. It is a heartfelt message, but The War Z is still under heavy criticism because of game issues. Not only are they under criticism for the issues that the game has/had, but also for their handling of said issues. It is admirable to see Sergey take responsibility for the game, and its problems but this does little to change that many aspects of The War Z were handled poorly.

The War Z may have been released too soon even if it was supposedly an alpha version of the game. It was up to the developer to talk to its community in a constructive manner, and to not let things get out of control. This did not happen, and is addressed in the letter. Many reasons are given, and maybe The War Z developers will learn from their mistakes. Not having a constructive forum community is certainly an issue Hammerpoint Interactive would like to address. With all of the issues the game is facing, it is staggering that Sergey mentions the construction of their next map, that's right, the next map. Some would say that they may have the cart in front of the horse. This seems to be the problem, trying to do more than is possible for them to handle.

There is a plethora of information in the letter, but Sergey addresses what the foundation release is. He also gives some insight what the game will be in the future. Honestly, the future sounds bleak. Of course many gamers would like to see them succeed, but they will have to change the way they do things. Can they? Well only the future can tell. It is certainly an ambitious idea, and also a fantastic one that could continue the trend of open world games that are different from the norm. There is always Day Z which spawned this successful formula, and may end up doing it a whole lot better. We are interested in your thoughts about these subjects, granted there are a lot of them. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Posts: 351

Yeah it is really unacceptable. They did it to themselves.

Posts: 1317

Fool everyone once, shame on Sergey. Fool everyone twice? Well I'm sorry, but anyone buying into their crap AGAIN can only blame themselves. Once this atrocity bums its way back to Steam, I suggest everyone just stay the hell away. I'm sorry, but the way they behaved simply cannot be accepted just like that.

Posts: 6

No amount of apology can fix the poor decisions him and/or his team made and I dont mean development decisions specifically. I cant see any indie developer succeding at such a hard and ambitious idea, a true survival zombie apocalypse role playing game.

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Well you have to put a lot of effort if you want to succeed. Same as we do with PJ here.

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I think as gamers we want all games to succeed, but that just does not happen all the time.