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An Onslaught of Confirmation

By Bobfish13-01-2014

Earlier today, we gave you an image from a Gamestop poster. An image...of an image...make that joke and I'll stab you in my both eyes with a tuning fork!
Anyway, turns out it's 100% legit.

Call of Duty getting a DLC! Shocking right? I bet nobody saw that one coming! Well, maybe some people. Though, I can at least be certain that most of us didn't expect the surprisingly arty, if somewhat staid and painfully cliché, trailer featuring music from the Exorcist. Posted over on the fishy Instagram. Seriously, what is it with Call of Duty and putting everything on Instagram these days? Are they going to have it as an integrated feature in Modern Ghost Ops at War? That would be kinda' interesting actually.

Anyway, DLC. Coming in two weeks.

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