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An Old Iron Soul

By breadbitten17-09-2013

"IN THE YEAR TWO THOUSAAAAAAAAAANND"is what was repeatedly going on in my mind watching the trailer to BlueBee Games' Iron Soul, at least after the 1:15 mark. If the incredibly obtuse first minute somehow confused you, the trailer later on explains what the game is all about in two neatly presented bullet points...

"Prepare for Botmageddon" – Bots and Armageddon confirmed.

"Survive crazy platforms" – Crazy platforming confirmed as well.

"Become the guardian machine" – Guardian...machine...you...beco—what?!

The game is currently being pitched to the general masses at Steam Greenlight asking for your "Iron help", whatever that is, and will be hitting Desura and "Other Digital Platforms" what I presume will be "soon".

Oh, also, "spinning scientist guy"—CONFIRMED!

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I dunno' akshully. It's piqued my curiosity

Posts: 228

Loooks way old. And I don't think gameplay is going to carry it through.