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An Entire Universe of Steam

By Bobfish25-09-2013

Valve have created a new group, within Steam, called Steam Universe. No big deal you say? Well, then you clearly do not understand Valve. Then again, I don't think anyone understands Valve. Like that time Left 4 Dead 2 received an update to the hotel (first) campaign, that added so much smoke to the burning kitchen area that the game was unplayable on anything less than Deep Thought. Dafuq was all that about? But I digress.

Why is Steam Universe a big deal? Because it's Steam, and their toenail clippings can be cast on the ground to prove a grand conspiracy linking the exitinction of the dinosaurs to the launch of Half-Life 3. But the group? Well, so far it, it's all a bit vague. Listing itself as a place to discuss SteamOS, Big Picture Mode and beta hardware. The first and second parts are now self explanatory, and the third is almost certainly the SteamBox, which we all know will be one of the two remaining announcements.

So, it may not seem like much at a glance, but this is Valve we're tallking about. That third reveltaion still remains a subject of intense debate. Something to do with Big Picture Mode? Keep an eye on it, join, lay your offerings at the feet of Gaben and maybe, just maybe we might know something about something that someone did to something at some point.

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