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An Airtight Fate?

By BloodyFanGirl03-07-2014

The Seattle based developer behind Quantum Conundrum and solve-your-own-murder mystery Murdered: Soul Suspect, Airtight Games, has shut down its Redmond headquarters. This strongly suggests that the studio has shut up shop entirely. There are pictures over at Geekwire of Airtight's closed offices, with signs on display stating that equipment is for sale. The studios website is still operational and you can visit that here.

This closure doesn't come totally out of nowhere; a while ago we covered a series of layoffs at Airtight, signifying that there have been troubles at the studio for some time now. The month after this 'necessary restructuring' the company lost their creative director, Kim Swift, who left to join Amazon Games. There's no official statement yet from Airtight themselves. Watch this space for when that surfaces.

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Nobody is when they're part of Square

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Unfortunately the company wasn't that airtight...

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If this is because of Square...