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Among The Kicksleeper

By Bobfish19-04-2013

"What happens when you mix a child's perspective and imagination, with the surreal nature of dreams? Quite a lot, I guess, but we think one of those things is an interesting premise for a horror adventure."

A few weeks ago there was a video assuring us the Among The Sleep was still in the works, now there's a Kickstarter effort to finish the game off. So...more like a Kickender maybe? Asking for a modest $200,000 to finalise what already looks to be a well polished, mostly complete horror game. They're essentially casting around for that extra cushion of funding to ensure the end product is the best it can possibly be.

"We're now at the point in development where we have finished the core gameplay and levels, but there is still a lot of production, and a ton of polishing and testing left to do. We want to take our time and make the game as good as possible. The only obstacle we see going forward, is that everyone at Krillbite still work part time jobs on the side to survive while developing Among The Sleep. This inhibits our focus and productivity on the game, and we don't want to lower our expectations to the quality of the finished game, or delay the release."

How's that for dedication? Looking back at what they've already accomplished one can't help but get the feeling they don't even need the money. But boy oh boy do they deserve it and with a staggering amount of goodies up for grabs across the various funding levels, from not one, but TWO copies of the game, to t-shirts, to a physical plushie of the in-game teddybear, they are really pulling out all the stops. With a release window already set for December 2013, you can be assured this will be money well spent.

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Posts: 1317

DAQUF the developer's in Norway?! Well I'll be. I currently live 30 minutes from Hamar, the town they're based in.

Posts: 1317

Ah this game. It's been in the works for quite a while, I remember having seen a video of it like a year ago, or maybe three. Could turn out awesome.

Posts: 3290

Am I the only one stoked for this?