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Amnesia Fortnight 2014 Finalists Revealed!

By Azeebo11-02-2014

Amnesia Fortnight is always an exciting time, one of those rare occasions where we, the public, get to have a say on what goes on behind the scenes. Well, the people have spoken, and the top 10 have been revealed:

Mneumonic - a surreal, first-person noir adventure where you explore memories in order to solve the murder of the woman you loved.

Breach - Breach is a space sim 3rd person shooter.

Extra Terrarium - An open-world Action Puzzler where you observe the behavior of alien wildlife and adopt their abilities to survive in a hostile ecosystem.

Dear Leader - An emergent narrative game, where you play a despotic ruler guiding the future of a post-revolution Republic.

Eras of Adventure - Journey through the different eras of adventure games - begin in a text based adventure, move to the 8-bit graphics era, through points & click, and finally arrive in the modern day renaissance of the genre.

What Could Go Wrong - A summer camping slasher horror adventure game that captures the aesthetic of the films from the 70's and 80's.

Derelict - Derelict is a exploration game in which you'll have to find out what happened to the crew of an abandoned spaceship drifting through outer space.

Project 行 (xing) - Project 行 is a spell-casting fighting game, based on the five Chinese elements.

Steed - In Steed, you play a horse-for-hire and save a storybook land full of inept heroes.

Ether - Ether is a game about the joy of exploration; skimming over the ruins of derelict ships scattered across a lonely, desolate island.

All votes have been cleared, and now you can vote for your favorite 3 at Humble Bundle. If you have not contributed yet, then do not worry! You can still contribute and vote on your favorite 3 ideas, so get out there and make a difference.


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