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American McThree

By Bobfish08-05-2013

Best known for the Alice games, a dark, macabre take on the controversial Carroll classics, has confirmed his intention to produce a third entry in the series. Alice: Otherlands, which has had a Facebook page since at least April, is almost certain to be a crowd funded affair. Something which McGee all but confirmed last year after details regarding EA's, frankly, fraudulent advertising campaign came to light. I am no great fan of his reinterpretation of the tale, but I completely understand his distaste, which lead to his desire to, it seems, take full control for himself. In fact, it was the said advertising which soured me to his work in the first place. And, as a fellow artist, I fully appreciate how utterly infuriating it must be to be so poorly misrepresented.

It's worth noting, however, this is not a certain confirmation that the game will exist. As the announcement by Spicy Horse via an update on the above mentioned Facebook page, is quick to caution. However, the desire is self evident, with their long term plan being to have an Alice cosplayer star as the titular heroine. Something akin to the competition for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance to find both Jean Grey and Namor, only this will be a far more significant part in the end product.

* Send ONLY ONE image of yourself dressed as Alice – preferably in her "classic" blue and white dress.
* Image should capture your entire costume from black hair to boot heels.
* Image should be no larger than 2MB. Save in JPG, GIF or PNG format.
* Send via email to: contact (at) spicyhorse (dot) com
* Include name, age, country of origin, contact info and brief intro of yourself.
* All submissions due by 5/20/2013

* Must be able to travel to Shanghai, China during June 2013 for the video shoot (have a passport, be of legal age to travel, and have the time to obtain a VISA).
* Must be English speaking (able to read lines for the video).

On top of that, Spicy Horse are also working on a separate title, also drawing from modern classic fantasy. A game already cancelled way back in 2004 (fun fact, that's when my daughter was born) when Atari failed to provide adequate funding, now revived by Mister McGee's company. It's in very early development at this stage, so little is known about how it will eventually turn out. But we can confirm that American McGee is trying his hand at reinventing The Wizard of Oz. Considering how dark that particular story is to begin with...it makes me shudder to think what he'll do with it. I don't think I could be any more disturbed if Tim Burton tried to remake Lassie Come Home.


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