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AMD Wants To 'Transform' Into A Gaming Company

By NAG3LT13-05-2013

In an interview to PCGamer, AMD's senior product manager, Devon Nekechuk has told that they want to "transform AMD into a gaming company." Nekechuk said that they have a four way approach to win on the gaming scene: "Cloud, console, client and content." The cloud part is covered by AMD's Radeon Sky series, which are geared for quick streaming of games. On the console side, AMD has secured the APUs for the future PS4 and Xbox consoles.

"Gamers are going to benefit on the PC side and on the cloud side by AMD winning in that console segment. Since the consoles are really the target for a lot of the game developers if it's a Radeon heart powering that console, like the PS4 or Xbox 360, that means these games devs are going to be designing their games, designing their features and really optimising for that Radeon heart in the console. That's going to carry over and give a much better cloud gaming experience and it's also going to give a much better PC experience."

While Xbox 360 used a Radeon GPU, there has not been much indication that it helped the quality of PC ports or their performance on early versions of AMD's VLIW architecture. Nekechuk, stressed that the development of PC GPUs is still a main direction of AMD's graphics department.

"Winning in the component market is really at the core of AMD's business."

Finally on the content side AMD is going stronger than ever before. Lately, there are many games sporting AMD's red 'Gaming Evolved' logo, instead of Nvidia's 'The Way It's Meant to be Played'. AMD also aggressively markets their cards with 'Never Settle' game bundles. Finally, AMD has recently co-operated with game developers on new graphics features based on open standards, which is very welcome, compared to many vendor exclusive solutions from Nvidia.

"Not only are we bringing these games to market we're actually making the games better. A big part of the Gaming Evolved program is coming up with features. We have whole development studios internal to AMD that develop technologies, such as TressFX, and we roll these out to games developers and help them implement them into the games so that the content itself is better than what it was prior to the Gaming Evolved partnership."

It is nice to hear that AMD promises to provide a better experience for gamers. While their history with quality is far from perfect, lately there were genuine improvements both in developer support and Crossfire driver support.



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