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AMD Teases Some New Tressfx Feature

By NAG3LT26-02-2013

An interesting image has appeared recently on AMD's blog, teasing a new feature that will be unveiled on February 26th. Named 'tressfx', it promises to add a new level of realism to PC games. The picture shows hair in the spotlight, suggesting that it is related either to hair rendering or physics, or maybe even both. Before that, during the announcement of game bundles for Radeon HD 7800 and 7900 series, a new secret DX11 feature was mentioned for Tomb Raider reboot. The timing strongly suggests that tressfx is that secret feature. We won't have to wait long for details, so visit us again after 26th to learn more.


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Ahh, hopefully hair will lokk like hair, and not like a pice of texture on somebody. Hopefully. I loved how it was in Alice: Madness Returs.