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AMD Sky Graphics For The Cloud

By NAG3LT28-03-2013

During GDC AMD has unveiled their specialised graphics hardware for the cloud. AMD Sky series of Radeon cards are designed specifically to render and quickly stream graphical content. There will be 3 Sky cards available at firsts, all based on GCN architecture (found in Radeon 7000 series). Top one – Sky 900 will have 3584 stream processors, 6 GB VRAM and 480 GB/s bandwidth. Those specs likely mean that the card is essentially two Radeon HD 7950's on one board. Sky 700 will have one GPU, lower bandwidth, 6GB VRAM. Sky 500, the weakest model, is similar to HD 7870, but has 4GB VRAM.

AMD has also announced its partners which will use the tech - Ubitus, Otoy, CiiNow and G-Cluster. Some of them were also announced previously as Nvidia's partners for GRID cloud technology. It seems that some cloud companies want to avoid putting all their hardware in a single basket.


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