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AMD New Product Showcase on September 25th

By NAG3LT23-09-2013

AMD has announced that they will showcase a new product during the AMD GPU '14 Tech Day event on Wednesday, September 25th. While AMD has not yet revealed what they are planning to show, some leaks are already on the web. The new graphics card is expected to come from the red team, to challenge Nvidia's GTX 780 and GTX Titan. A photo of the card was teased by EA DICE, while a Korean tech site posted more detailed photos (since removed) of the next AMD flagship, codenamed Hawaii-XT. The card has 16 VRAM modules, suggesting 4 GB VRAM and a massive 512-bit memory bus. There were also some benchmarks posted on the same site, although it is impossible to confirm their authenticity at the moment. Hopefully, this card is already being reviewed by technology sites and we will know everything about it right after the release. Looks like the high-end end GPU price war is coming again.


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Posts: 3290

Expensive is relative. The card I have (HD 6970) is positively exorbitant on my budget. I was only able to afford it due to a great feat of temporary fortuity.

Some people are frugal and don't feel the need to flash around their wealth

Posts: 341

They're expensive? Wtf.
Theyre not gonna be priced like Titan..

Posts: 297

Far too expensive cards I say.