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AMD Bundles to Include BF4

By Mokman08-04-2013

Well, in what seems to be a desperate bid to one-up the threshing death-machine that is the Call of Duty Franchise, DICE, according to a german source, has decided to bundle their upcoming entry in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 4, in a future AMD bundle. This then proves to be a two-pronged assault, one in creating more value to those looking to upgrade their machines, and two a subtle jab at asserting its superior graphics and apparent next-generation compatibility. Will it work? Only time will tell... though I could use a new graphics card about now.

Still, I do hope that these marketing ploys don't take away the focus that they should be pouring into Battlefield 3. Also, if you're reading this DICE, please, please, PLEASE bring back the commander from BF2. Trust me, it'll work.

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