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Amalur Up For Grabs as 38 Studios Fall

By JcDent13-09-2013

38 Studios made Kindgom of Amalur: Reckoning... and then promptly bankrupted, leaving behind a $90 million loan to be repaid by Rhode Island (Somewhere, I Really Don't Care, USA) taxpayers. Well, at least a part of it might be regained if they manage to sell the Amalur IP and Project Copernicus MMO.

Richard Land, the company's court appointed receiver, is hopeful to sell the IP, what with the art and all, but Adam Sliwinski ("Pruneman?"), editor of Joystiq, isn't as confident: fantasy IPs are dime a dozen and nobody wants to try and finish someone else's MMO.

For more details on the juicy law action, go here.

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