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Altered Reality Squared

By Bobfish11-02-2013

The much maligned Square Enix sent out some cryptic e-mails recently, with the subject header "What is the hardest case to solve?" and a faux torn photograph. By which I mean it was a digital image made to look like a torn photograph. The send was listed as ronan@murdered.com and a trip to Murdered revealed an enigmatic, bell shaped digital chalk image on an equally digital tarmac road. Along with a link to a Twitter account which has some equally enigmatic, and often fractured, tweets which continue the hardest case motif. After, it seems, a great deal of speculation that most of us were completely unaware of, details have been brought to light. Along with two more torn photo images that, when combined with the first, show the same bell image carved into what appears to be a real tree. Along with a second digital image of some dude who looks to have popped his clogs in the middle of the street.

"O'Connor, male, mid- 30s, 170lbs, 5' 11"

"Detectives aren't supposed to get bloody knuckles, but I've done a lot of things I wasn't supposed to do. I lived through it all, the beat-downs, the back-stabbing, disrespect most people wouldn't see in ten lifetimes and I never lost a fight... until now."

Interesting stuff. But what does it all mean? Well, I can reveal, it's all part of a rather clever (lack of) publicity stunt for an upcoming Squeenix game currently titled Murdered: Soul Suspect. Details are still sketchy, but there are some more speculations (I see a trend here) that it could be the next title by Artight Games, who previously developed Quantum Conundrum. All we know for certain, at this stage, is the working title and that it is planned for three of the four (no Wii-U as of yet) major platforms, though no release date is yet available. However, the source for most of the information we have so far, a chap going by the handle Superannuation, offered a tweet saying it seems the upcoming Murdered will be "some horror thing with ghost protagonists and solving murders or something." Interesting stuff indeed. I seem to be saying that a lot at the moment. But that's a good thing. It gives us a lot to talk about, which is precisely why we have the comments section below. Don't forget to show them some love on your way out.

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