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Alpha Valkyrie

By ElderCub20-03-2015

Get ready for some crazy zero gravity dog fights, CCP has decided to show of it's upcoming VR game "Eve Valkyrie" at this year's Fanfest. For those who aren't in the know, Valkyrie will take place in the same universe as EVE Online and Dust 514. In an attempt to get the most out of VR even going as far as using the head tracking mechanics as a means to lock on with missiles. The game will offer team based dogfighting and awesome ship customization. Pre alpha test signups are open right now but you will need a DK2 rift and either an EVE or Dust 514 account. Follow us here at Pixel Judge to hear more about this case as it's released.

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The Rift not so much. I have a distinct, pervasive, well reasoned distrust of Fakebook.

But there will be alternatives

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Yep, I'm personally waiting for the consumer rift.

Posts: 3290

I need a VR headset.

I need one