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Alpha The Sleep

By Bobfish14-05-2013

With only four days to go, but still over $10,000 to go on their Among the Sleep Kickstarter, Krillbite are adding in some last minute touches to whet our appetites. A free Alpha and Oculus Rift support. Presumably the alpha will be an early section of the game, most likely the section we keep seeing all the footage of, with the wee nipper you play as waking up whilst the entire house goes absolutely menatl around you. Whatever it is, I'm going to be all over it. It could be fifteen hours of specially trained ninja bees karate chopping my scrotum with their ovipositors and I'd love every minute of it. Not that I'm biased or anything.

The Rift support on the other hand, that could be awkward. By its very nature it's already a little on the clumsy side for anything that isn't a fairly standard first person perspective, what with tracking you relative to the player character in game. How it will go about translating the adult frame into the proportions of a two year old child, is a logistical nightmare I am very glad to not be a part of. It shows great potential from a purely immersive perspective, but I'm going to reserve judgement for the time being, though offer a firm nod of approval for Krillbite's decision to even attempt it in the first place. Bloody good show I say! Now, I ask, who's going to join me in this here Alpha that starts in a scant seven hours?

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Posts: 3290

Less than $6k to go now. Still a few days left. Come on guys! You can do it!

Posts: 123

I really hope this gets fully funded. They deserve it, especially after this round of goodies.

Posts: 3290

Please, please don't let this fail!

The Kickstarter I mean. It's obvious they're going to make the game no matter what. But they deserve the money