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Alpha Colony Lacks $28

By Bis18marck7005-12-2012

Kickstarter gave us some great looking games with tremendous potential and it continues to unearth smaller projects that get an incredible amount of support from the community. Alpha Colony was not one of these. In case you remember, the project aimed for $500.000 back in July but fell rather short with only just over $100.000 pledged. Not a great turnout really. But tenacity is a virtue – or at least should be – so DreamQuest Games tried again. This time they divided the funding goal by ten. With only $50.000 necessary to get this project rolling it beggars the question what they needed half a million for? Ah well, maybe they just wanted to be on the safe side and hope for a similar end number as the first time.

Well, long story short, Alpha Colony failed again, by $28. It’s close to a kick in the gut for a single person could have made the difference here. Where the $50.000 went that they got the first time around? Well, it was probably lost somewhere between lacking consumer confidence and interest. Anyway, its quite sad to see a project fail so close to its goal but maybe it was meant to be this way – yes, that is the only time you’ll hear me being quasi-philosophical.

As a statement from the developers:

“Thank you all for your support, but I am afraid that we came up $28 short on our Alpha Colony Kickstarter," Dream Quest wrote as a final update. "I know many of you offered to increase your pledges or suggest that we simply redo the Kickstarter again, but Kickstarter is very strict about their terms and (for now) our project will not be funded. Obviously, we are very disappointed."

However, it seems like the team behind Alpha Colony isn't too fussed about the failure. As Christopher Williamson put it:

"Although many consider this a failure and unfair, in the end, it is perhaps the kindest thing the universe could have done for us. To be committed to deliver my dream game underfunded, understaffed, and sub-par, and to lose even more time and money would have been even more heartbreaking."

He also said that the minimum funding goal wasn't really enough to cover the costs of the project and this was way the strechgoals where put as far as $300.00.

$50,000 may seem like a lot of money to many but by the time I pay 3D artists, animators, designers, and programmers, issue figurines, prints, T-shirts, shipping, etc. there will be nothing left for me and my team and we would end up with a game far short of what I had envisioned building."

So there you have it. Alpha Colony might not have made it on Kickstarter but with a $60.000 already invested by the Williamson himself, this game might make it out at some point.

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