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All Hands to Mechs - Hawken Beta Imminent

By Mokman13-12-2012

The time has come, people. Long-awaited mech-romp Hawken is finally entering open beta as of today, allowing hundreds of thousands of players to stream in and see what all this fuss is about. The gameplay video for the Open Beta launch can be seen, providing yet more mouth-watering mech-on-mech action. In a recent announcement on the Hawken forums, it was stated that the start of Open Beta was pushed back slightly because their "repair drones have not pre-flighted accounts properly to include the Assault mech ... and Vanguard mech..." Fair enough, fair enough, we can wait a while longer.

However, no doubt mech junkies all over the world are sitting in front of their screens right now, itching in anticipation to jump in and start pulling off all the stunts they have been watching in the gameplay videos. I am of no exception, missing out on the closed beta experience, and thus, coming into this with absolutely no clue as to what I would be doing. So if you see a free frag on the battlefield, do give me a friendly wave, before you annihilate me off the face of the planet.

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Nice trailer, though I wish they would show more slowtime action.