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All Bound up on the Web

By Bobfish17-01-2014

This makes two in one day from Focus. First they're intent on shattering our minds with tentacle love. Now we have not only a website and tantalising new screenshots, but a whole mass of concept art that...Cthulhu would be right at home in actually. It also features some mighty bearded pageantry. Suddenly, the timing all makes sense. They just want to remind us there are other Vikings out there in video game land. Ah see wut yu did thar!

All joking aside though, this game just looks all the more gorgeous the more we see of it. Whilst recent offerings show that Focus still don't have the kind of capital to drive cutting edge visuals willy nilly, their star has certainly been on the rise in recent years. Last year was a blistering performance on their part, and this year is looing set to be bigger, better and all around awesome. And, to be fair, Contrast was a much smaller, newer studio as yet unproven. Spiders already gave us the (yes it was flawed) extremely impressive Mars: War Logs. So it's logical they'd be willing to make a larger financial commitment there. And boy oh boy, is it paying off!

See for yourself.

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