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Alienware Wants Your Console

By Toast27-10-2013

Do you like cash? I know I do but apparently not the guys at Alienware. Want to know how generous they are? They're prepared to take that dusty old console off of you, if you're willing to part ways with it. Has this message sunk in yet guys? Alienware wants to buy your console, for the generous price of $200 dollars! So, if you may be interested, they're actually looking for 250GB Xbox 360 Slim, 60GB PS3 "fat," 120GB PS3 Slim and 500GB PS3 super slim model and the Wii. Of course, this comes attached with a catch.

You'll actually buy to order on of their awesome PCs before you're eligible for the offer. Not only this, you actually have to make sure that your console works as it should and have the appropriate accessories like the power adapter cables! Is that a yes? Ok then, you're eligible, so now what you need to do is head on over here and login or just create a brand new Alienware account, and print out the prepaid shipping label. Next you'll just need to find some old random box, dump your console into it, slap on that shipping label then ship it to Alienware...somehow. Now all you need to do is to wait for the saints to acknowledge your deed and send you that $200 of hard earned cash for you to start spending on...games? Perhaps new shoes or a car?

The choice is yours, but you'll have to make sure you fit all the criteria. If you don't, you'll just have to stick to those dusty old consoles or buy the next gen ones. Although you could always opt for a steam powered steam machine, although I wouldn't expect it to be running on Steam, well maybe a Steam Operating System, but what do I know!

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Posts: 124

They'll need to pry my PSX, PS2 and PS3 out of my cold, decaying hands!

Posts: 1548

Haha Alienware is trolling consoles :D