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Akaneiro Seeks Kickstarter for Final Stretch

By siegarettes07-01-2013

Spicy Horse, American McGee's indie game studio, the creators of Alice: Madness Returns, are seeking additional funding via Kickstarter in order to polish their Free-to-Play ARPG Akaneiro: Demon Hunters and add additional features to the game. The core of the gameplay is already done, the majority of the content is complete and has been put into closed beta. Spicy Horse is looking to use the additional funding to tighten up the final product and add multiplayer and Android and iOS versions of the game.

While the core gameplay itself isn't looking like anything extraordinary, Akaneiro sports and stylish Japanese folklore art direction that makes it stand out. It reminds me a bit of the studio's work with Alice, which was full of incredible visual touches and stylish environments. Interested parties can check out the gameplay for Akaneiro or get some more details on the Kickstarter drive. The backer rewards aren't anything incredible, some digital comics, soundtracks, posters, in game items and portable version access. The campaign is relatively small however and supporting the product carries a low risk since much of the content is already partially built. It's also worth noting the game currently stands at #3 on Steam Greenlight, so there are definitely people looking forward to it.

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