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AirLand Campaigns Explained

By JcDent28-05-2013

Wargame: AirLand Battle is awesome despite its impressively stupid name (I'm not talking about the "wargame" part - that's probably inspired by the Prussian military's Kriegspiele, a sort of grandpappy of all the tabletop wargames). And now it will have a dynamic campaing where you'll be able to either defend Scandinavia (and, judging from one glimpse, the Baltics) from the red tide or bring socialism to every viking.

The whole dynamic campaign thing works with you moving units and capturing regions. If opposing armies occupy the same region, a real time battle ensues. And, this being Wargame, all losses incured in that battle, as well as any veterancy gains, will be final.

Another thing that you can do in the campaign map is use various special means to further you war effort: deploying new battle groups (if you have the points), seding intelligence missions, special forces opperations or, when you get bored with it, using tactical nukes. A bit of a shame to lose your favorite veteran battlegorup for something like that.

You'll also receive special events, which, judging by the trailer, revolve mostly around French communists. Damned Frenchies!

Anyways, the game is three days away, I can't wait. Can you?

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Well, we'll soon find out if this is any good... Stay tuned for the review!