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AirLand Battle Screens Show Off Air, Land

By JcDent04-05-2013

Wargame: European Escalation is a an RTS about fictitious Cold War battles between NATO and Warsaw Pact forces. Wargame: AirLand Battles continues the tradition, this time in scenic Scandinavian landscapes.

And you can see exactly how scenic they are in the new screenshots! The terrain is to be more varied, with ridges, mountains, water ways and bigger urban areas. This is all to the great enjoyment of the infantry, who will get more cover, especially from the pesky new air units. And, far as I can tell, none of these maps are features in the beta!

And, to top that, the makers of the game announced that Escalation owners who pre-order AirLand Battle will get not only Beta access, but a 25% bargain on their pre-order (only in Steam and the official website).

What is your take on the new maps? Or maybe you're one of the beta players who already got acquainted to blunting East German tank rushes in scenic Scandinavian locales?

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