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Air Conflicts Vietnam Trailer

By Merc18-04-2013

If we gave out an award at Pixel Judge for worst music in a trailer this would win without a fight. It sounds like some generic music straight out of the 80s. Air Conflicts: Vietnam is a flight game in the horrific war during the 60s and 70s. You will pilot a variety of aircraft and participate in nail biting battles. It is really too bad that they put that music in the trailer, also whoever did the voice acting for the JFK quote made me literally laugh out loud. It is difficult to tell whether the developers take this content seriously but let's hope they so because this part of the Vietnam War has never really been explored in video games. Once you get past the horrible music and laughable voice actor the game looks refreshing. At least it's not another FPS. We will have to see what the game turns out to be wherever it is released. Stay tuned to Pixel Judge for further updates.

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Posts: 228

So it's a flight sim, ye? Because, judging by the trailer, it might as well be a russian RTS.

Posts: 127

I must admit this trailer gives me mixed feelings, will have to look up less cinematic gameplays