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Aiden Pearce & Company

By BloodyFanGirl27-07-2013

Ubisoft have posted a little something on their blog about Watch Dogs' protagonist Aiden Pearce and the company he keeps. The post starts by saying "If it's true that we're defined by the company we keep, then Aiden Pearce is arguably a pretty seedy guy". As if you couldn't tell by some of his antics in previously released trailers.

The blog post first introduces us to T-bone Grady. Lead story designer Kevin Shortt describes him as "kind of a distracted, crazy guy who's very tech-savvy" whose also a bit of a "flighty, crazy hippie." Shortt continued that "T-Bone is key to helping Pearce find the people responsible for hurting his family" though T-bone himself is also very troubled, having "made a mistake in his life and some people died because of it so he's been wrestling with that". Shortt adds, "I wouldn't say he's messed up, but he's scattered and he's affected by the things that happened in the past. He and Pearce share that. They deal with it in different ways, but they share that past and it bonds them in a way."

Next up is Jordi Chin, the 'fixer'. He's the go to guy for making any problems you may have go away. But for a price. Shortt elaborates, "Pearce uses him a lot, to the point where they kind of become friends, but they both know they could kill each other if they wanted to. They like each other but it's strictly business. If Pearce doesn't pay Jordi the right amount, Jordi will not help him out."

Of all of Pearce's acquaintances that you can meet in Watch Dogs, Shortt says Jordi Chinn is one of his favourites, "It's hard to pick one, but I gotta say there's something about Jordi that always makes me smile every time he comes on the screen. He can be quite violent and ruthless in what he does, and yet he's always got this quirky humour that goes with it. He's a pretty lovable guy, even as dangerous as he is."

And then there's Clara Lille, a mysterious young woman covered in ink and then wrapped in an enigma. Shortt is rather quiet about Clara though he does say "She has a bit of a dark secret that she's holding onto. You'll find out eventually through the course of the game what that is." She might as well be called Clara Secretpast.

But these are just 3 of Pearce's many acquaintances players can meet. The blog post assures that you'll meet many more allies and enemies alike and some whose attitude towards Aiden depends entirely on the contents of his wallet. Shortt adds, "The people Aiden crosses paths with have an opinion on what he's doing. Their actions affect how he thinks." The post also hints at an 'old friend' who only complicates matters when they re-enter Aiden's life. Aiden will cross paths with the hacker collective DedSec that Ubi say they'll tell us more about in the future.

Aiden's family play a very important role in the game too, being one motivation for him walking the path of revenge. Shortt explains "Pearce is determined to find out who's responsible by any means necessary. He doesn't know who did it; he only knows his family was seriously hurt. He becomes obsessive about it. His family says, Let it go. We're moving on. But Aiden can't."

They say that 'Those who walk the path of revenge should remember to dig two graves'. I guess we'll have to play Watch Dogs to see if that'll be true for Aiden Pearce. Watch Dogs will be released this holiday season and you can pre-order the game here.

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"They say that 'Those who walk the path of revenge should remember to dig two graves'." - Someone obviously hasn't heard of Batman yet. =]

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They really do not have to sell this to me any more, I am now on blackout until I have it on my HDD.