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Age of Mythology Extended Edition Gets Revealed by a Llama

By CameronW03-03-2014

Remember that Max Headroom TV signal intrusion from the 80s? Age of Mythology Extended Edition’s reveal was sort of like that if you replace the creepy mask with a guy and a llama puppet, and replace someone getting spanked with Age of Mythology: Extended Edition box art.

About 43 minutes into the video below the inactive stream starts to get a little ridiculous as it randomly turns back on and a stuffed llama named Alfred slams itself onto the keyboard and yells. As he keeps slamming on the keyboard the overlay turns on and off, eventually changing to an Age of Mythology: Extended Edition border, then popping up the big promotional image you see above.

Unfortunately that seems to be about all of the information we’ve got. It’s obviously being collaborated with Steam as the picture shows, much like Age of Empires 2 HD did. Except this game isn’t called “Age of Mythology HD” it’s got “Extended” in there, leading me to believe that this will be more than some anti-aliasing and prettier textures. New content, ahoy!

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