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Adventure Trailer

By Bobfish07-09-2013

Explore the Dungeon because I DON'T KNOW! is soon upon us. We now have a confirmed release date of November the 15th. Having been rather silent of late, which gives me a sadface, the cast of the Cartoon Network series have put out this quirky (understatement of the century) wee trailer. So watch it because I SAID

Considering this is, essentially, nothing more than an obligatory, shameless cash in, it's showing itself to be a surprisingly solid game. Some kind of Action/Adventure/RPG/Roguelike. On acid.

All of your favourite characters are there, including the Ice King...for some reason. Lumpy Space Princes, Marceline. Finn and Jake obviously. All there...so where's my Lady Rainicorn?! I mean, she's shown in the trailer...but not in game.

I haz sadface again noiw.


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